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Key factors to ensure proper treatment of injured workers is the ability for the treating physician to communicate with the patient and for the patient to be able to communicate with the provider. Injury Care employs nurse case managers who are fluent in Spanish to facilitate the Spanish/English communication between the patient and physician.

The nurse case managers will attend medical appointments with the worker to ensure that nothing is lost in translation as it relates to the evaluation and treatment of the injury. The nurse case manager can also assist the injured worker in scheduling appointments and in facilitating transfers of care or other medical related services and make sure the Spanish speaking person understands what needs to be done. Telephonic communication between the nurse case manager and the injured worker can facilitate cooperation and confirm compliance with treatment or administrative requirements.

The translation service can be expanded from just nurse case management to assisting with communicating important claims information to the injured worker from the insurer or third party administrator. The services are competitive and cost effective and there are no hidden or add-on charges such as copy and fax fees or fuel charges. Reporting is timely and the insurer or third party administrator will be kept apprised of any contacts between the nurse case manager and the injured worker.