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Provider Network Services

The medical providers who treat the injured employees are arguably the most vital part of the workers compensation claim. Too often poor medical care results in poor outcomes, which bring along increased litigation and overall increased claim costs. Injury Care has contracted with hundreds of medical providers to establish a medical panel that includes physicians, physical therapists, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, pharmacies and DME providers. The network was created by invitation to include those providers who were willing to work with the managed care organization and their insurer clients. Our provider list is valued as much by who is excluded as much as to who is included. Those professionals who manage workers compensation claims have been the resource to establish the panel of providers.

A key to good outcomes is to refer injured workers to good providers in the applicable specialties, including occupational medicine, orthopedists, physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as chiropractic and physical therapy. Good providers keep claims costs down by seeing patient’s timely, applying evidence based standards with regard to diagnostic testing and treatment and staying away from experimental and unnecessary treatments. The Injury Care contracted providers have also demonstrated an interest in workers compensation and focus their attention on early return to work protocols to assist the claims administrators in reducing compensation costs.

In addition to having a select group of providers Injury Care has contracted with many providers for discounts below the state fee schedule. Appropriate discounts in reimbursements are another component that can reduce claim costs and decrease unnecessary utilization.