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Injury Care was organized as a direct response to workers compensation professionals in multiple western states seeking a cost effective managed care provider. The goal of Injury Care is to ensure that injured workers access the most professional and appropriate medical care available in their community in a cost efficient manner. By providing these services, we are able to assist the insurers and claims professionals in restoring the injured workers to maximum health and getting them back to work as soon as possible. We make the commitment to each of our clients to provide professional services at a reasonable price.

Injury Care is an affiliate of Injury Care of Nevada which has been managing the medical benefits of workers compensation claims in Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. We have been asked by present clients to expand our services in the west to include Arizona, Idaho, Missouri and California. We are actively growing in Utah and Arizona at this time and expect to be able to provide increased services in the new states by 2nd quarter 2018.

We’ve observed over the last few years that increased costs related to unnecessary, unrelated and unscrupulously billed medical services have driven the workers compensation claims costs higher and higher. Medical cost containment must take many forms including nurse case management, prospective and retrospective utilization review as well as provider network utilization and medical bill review. All of these services in concert or independently, can result in significant direct cost reductions for workers compensation claims. Effective medical utilization with competent providers and active medical case managers will also decrease the average lost time claim by emphasizing early return to work plans.

As we work in each jurisdiction it has been important to identify the local needs and when necessary try to incorporate new methods to obtain the desired outcomes. What works in one state may not work in another and we always adapt our services to the client’s needs. By working with the insurers and third party administrators our skilled professionals have created partnerships that allow injured workers to obtain great medical care at an affordable cost to the insurer.

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